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Direct Mail Marketing


There is no doubting that digital and online marketing are dominating the marketing stratosphere right now. However, the data does not lie. Continually, it has been proven that print is not dead! And one of the best forms of print advertising is Direct Mail Marketing. Direct mail marketing is a marketing tactic involving sending a printed marketing piece directly to your ideal customer’s mailbox.

Often times, marketers and business owners will favor digital means of distributing their marketing materials in order to cut down costs. While this is certainly a viable reason to bypass more traditional means of marketing, marketers can’t ignore the fact that marketing materials delivered straight to a prospect’s mailbox are one of the most effective forms of advertising available. In fact, studies have shown that, across all industries, direct mail marketing campaigns show an average response rate of about 4.4%; compared to the average response rate of 0.12% in email marketing.

The key to getting a solid return on investment for direct mail marketing is a solid direct mail strategy. Green Arrow’s staff has years of experience generating or procuring address lists that contain the right consumers for your business. To determine your best audience, we dissect your business goals, current customer base, your competition, and market conditions to build a unique avatar of your perfect customer. From there, Green Arrow’s marketers determine the correct audience to send your marketing piece too.

Your direct mail marketing piece is the deciding factor between your prospect engaging with your business or not. Whether you want to mail a brochure, postcard, booklet, or anything in between, Green Arrow’s graphic design team creates beautiful direct mail marketing material that will not only entice prospects, but captivate them as well.

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