Medical Marketing

Medical Marketing requires a deep understanding of the medical and health industries. Patient Privacy is always of the upmost concern. Any marketing initiatives must be HIPAA compliant and great care must be taken to make sure strict adherence is met. A Medical Marketing agency must be able to reach potential patients for your business, without encroaching on patient rights or privacy.

What does being HIPAA Compliant mean?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is a standard that safeguards protected health information. Any entity that handles protected health information (PHI) must adhere to all compliancy laws and regulations, including security safeguards designed to lock down any physical or digital means of accessing a patients medical information. By being diligent with sensitive information, you keep your clients patients information safe and protected.

Medical Marketing

Each medical practice and healthcare provider has different needs. And as a medical marketing company, the first step in marketing successfully is a full and complete understanding of your clients needs and goals. Many times, a client comes to a medical marketing company with nothing more than a basic understanding of their needs and the marketing needed to meet their goals. A reputable medical marketing company doesn’t simply accept funds and do what the client is asking for, if what the client is asking for isn’t the best course of action. The following process must be followed to give your marketing efforts the best chance for success and a positive ROI:

  • Gain a very solid understanding of the company’s offerings, specialties and services
  • Learn about their core demographic, target audience and potential opportunity for expanding both
  • Thoroughly research the competitive landscape. Make note of marketing tactics, online presence and market share
  • Create a clear and concise action plan for moving forward. Include the client in the process. Incorporate ideas, past success and map out a path to their goals
  • Create benchmark reports to measure future success against
  • Execute the plan, record progress and regularly report achievements to the client
  • Maintain regular communication about results. This way you can shift attention and monies to what’s working and away from what’s not

By adhering to these simple steps, a medical marketing agency is putting forth best practice and allowing for the process to take root and bear fruit. When marketing to potential patients of your medical practice, clinic or health-based organization, it’s important to be clear in your messaging. Choosing a health care provider is a big step for many, and by showcasing your company’s specialty, you can readily connect with those actively searching for exactly what you provide, at the exact moment they are searching for it. If your message closely matches their need with a service or product you provide, you have a great opportunity to gain a new patient.

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