Legal Marketing

Legal Marketing


As a lawyer, your industry and playing field isn’t just crowded. Your space is full of hyper-competitive, highly ambitious firms and practitioners all clamoring for increased visibility, website traffic, and new cases. That’s why the right Legal Marketing team for your practice is so important. Green Arrow’s marketing staff has worked with small- and medium-sized law firms, creating customized marketing plans and constructing results-driven marketing campaigns that deliver results.

Our legal marketing process starts with a thorough analysis of your business, including competition, current market trends, and identifying ideal prospects. By identifying the factors that affect your firm’s online & local presence, we can apply the right techniques to meet your business goals. Especially in a field where misinformation is abundant, establishing yourself as an expert in your respective areas of practice isn’t the only hurdle you have to jump. Green Arrow helps you communicate your expertise to your local community and establish/maintain solid working relationships between your brand and new, prospective, and past cases.

Green Arrow’s work doesn’t stop when your legal marketing program is live. Our staff monitors the performance of your marketing campaigns daily to quickly adapt & optimize our efforts so you get the most return for your marketing dollar. In fact, from conception to rollout, we strive for complete transparency with our partners so you always know how we’re working for you, and you can focus on providing top-notch legal services.

¡Si, nosotros hablamos Español! ¡Todos nuestros servicios también están disponibles en Español! Yes, we speak Spanish! All of our services we provide are available in Spanish!

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