Traditional Marketing


Traditional Advertising used to dominate the market. From magazine & newspaper ads to radio & TV. If you weren’t there, you didn’t matter. Things have certainly changed in today’s market. Digital Marketing offers much more in terms of tracking and data, but traditional advertising is far from dead.

Traditional advertising can play an extremely vital role in reaching a demographic that’s not glued to devices.  54% of the US population listens to radio, the 3rd most popular medium on the planet. And 61% of the population listens to some form of online radio. Almost 90% of the population is reachable via TV.

By showing up on TV, radio and print, you’re able to better saturate your target areas, making your dealership a household name, and the first that comes to mind when it is time to buy a vehicle. And when your message is consistent and powerful across all channels, you increase your chances of landing that sale when it comes time.

Our team consists of media veterans who can help make sure your dealership gets the spotlight. There’s a simple reason you see & hear car commercials: They work. Now, let them work for you. By relying on our media buying, we can help get you the most media for your budget, and help maximize your exposure & sell more cars.

All Traditional, In-House

TV – Radio – Print – Direct Mail – PreRoll – Online Radio & more!

Our team can help you with all your traditional marketing needs. From ad planning, brand & message consistency and scripting all the way through production, editing and placement. All services handled for you in one place, under one roof. Stop chasing graphic approvals, production teams, voice talent & mailing lists. We got it.

Let us create & execute the perfect strategy, custom catered to your dealership and your clients. Effective Traditional Marketing is a crucial component to dominating your competitors and pushing deals out your door. Radio, TV & print done right, no hassle, no stress. Only results.

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