92% of Americans listen to radio weekly

Radio Advertising

Broadcast to a Captive Audience

Ever listen to the radio in your car? Notice how many car commercials there are? The reason there are so many car commercials on the radio is simple: They work. If they didn’t work, car dealerships wouldn’t use them as much. But in order for radio ads to be effective, they have to be produced the right way. Otherwise, it’s just background noise.

Automotive Radio Advertising can be an important component to a dealerships healthy marketing efforts.  Effective marketing requires you to be where your audience is. With over 92% of Americans listening to some form of radio on a weekly basis (including Pandora and Spotify), your dealerships target buyers are definitely listening.

Producing a good radio commercial involves many steps. First, the script has to be good. It has to grab your attention and clearly describe your offer and how to get the offer. It has to convey all that in a short amount of time. Decisions like whether or not to use music or sound effects can make or break a radio commercial. It’s best to rely on an experienced team with a history of well-produced radio ads.

Green Arrow Automotive can help you create effective radio ads. Our team can put together a concept, draw up a script, record voice talent, edit the commercial and get it deployed for you, all under one roof. Whether its headed for a radio station through a media buy, or to an online platform like Pandora or Spotify, our team has you covered A to Z.

Broadcasting Excellence

with Green Arrow Automotive

Radio Advertising can be an effective tool when used properly, and it’s effects amplified when used with other mediums. When your message is broadcast across different channels, it’s important that it’s concise and consistent. Relying on a team with a track record of successful radio campaigns can help you avoid common pitfalls.

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