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Automotive Print Advertising

Ink on Paper Seals the Deal!

Print is one of the oldest forms of advertising, but still remains one of the most effective, when done right. There are several crucial factors in any successful print campaign. Relying on a team with experience delivering solid print campaigns is the first step. Green Arrow Automotive has rock star designers in-house, ready to sling ink.

Where your print winds up is just as important as what’s actually printed. Your print pieces need to wind up in the right hands, or it will wind up in the garbage. Avoid throwing your money away, by targeting the right people, with the right message. Let us help you make sure your print pieces move metal.

Segmenting your audience in your CRM can help ensure that your print arrives in the mailbox of the people most likely to take you up on your service special, trade in offer or new car incentive. Utilizing your CRM properly can help you customize your pieces, offering a personal touch.

Whether it’s a magazine ad, newspaper ad, direct mail piece or a dealership handout, the graphics need to grab you. Our graphics team has years of experience putting together eye-popping graphics designed to turn heads. Print is meaningless without solid graphics.

It's (Almost) Like Printing Money

Powerful Print with Green Arrow Automotive

A good print campaign plucks people out of their homes and plops them in your showroom with intent. In order to do that, the print piece has to stand out in a stack of junk mail. If it catches their attention, it then has to deliver the details of a very solid offer in a matter of seconds, including how to capitalize on that offer.

Do all that, and you have a great chance to see that customer face to face in your dealership. They’ll walk in with a pretty good idea of what they want, ready to go. Trust the team at Green Arrow Automotive to make sure your print is on point.

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