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Automotive Email Marketing

Email to Bank On

Sending an offer directly to an email Inbox is a great way to deliver your message. Effective email marketing for automotive requires several conditions be met. Having good data, or a solid email list means your offer will be going to people most likely to respond positively. A captivating subject line encourages a high open rate. A clear & concise offer that is worthwhile will grab their attention, and a simple CTA (Call-to-Action) outlining how to redeem the offer and engage will increase your chances of your email blast hitting the target and driving sales. Our team has years of experience creating & deploying successful email campaigns.

Automotive Email Marketing is a great way to market to a captive audience. Once the email arrives successfully in the Inbox of someone who might be interested in your new car special, used or CPO inventory or service specials, you’ve won half the battle. Having that data is crucial, to avoid unnecessary spend and ensure that your efforts bear fruit. The team here at Green Arrow Automotive can help you craft, build, design and deploy successful and measurable email campaigns to help grow your bottom line.

We have experience with a wide variety of CRM’s and email platforms, and can help you get the most out of your investment into email marketing. Email Marketing when done correctly is completely trackable, so you can see how effective they can be. It takes time and energy to put together emails, code them properly and deploy them the right way so that they are delivered. Stop wasting your time with ineffective emails that produce nothing. Get with the pros at Green Arrow Automotive and watch what happens next.

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