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Digital Marketing


Automotive Digital Marketing is where it’s at. The ability to pinpoint your audience with laser focus, and measure the results in great detail makes Digital Marketing the best form of marketing, by far. Traditional Marketing certainly still has it’s place, and should not be cast aside by any means. By making sure your website is converting traffic, it remains the hub of online activity for your store. And by generating super high quality traffic that converts to leads, our Digital Team will quickly become the lifeblood of your dealership.

By combining SEO, PPC and Social Media ads with retargeting efforts, you can saturate your audience as they travel through the sales funnel. Your dealership will remain fresh on their minds when it comes time to make a decision. It’s you or your competitors. It’s our job to make sure it’s YOU.

Email Marketing goes out and gets you buyers, enticing them to check out your specials and incentives. Even your Direct Mail can provide traffic to your website, with retargeting keeping them in your dealership’s ecosphere. Engaging Video Ads are an incredibly powerful tool to grab attention. Advertising with social media ads and taking advantage of online radio ads like Spotify & Pandora can also put you ahead of your competition. Way ahead.

Green Arrow Automotive has you completely covered, digitally. Our team has the expertise and experience to dominate your competition with all forms of Digital Marketing.


The Digital Advantage You Need to Edge Your Competitors

The Digital Marketing Team here at Green Arrow Automotive is poised and ready to help you motor past your competitors. By taking advantage of the very latest technology and marketing options available, we are able to present you with every opportunity to connect with more buyers in your market.

We proudly offer these Digital Marketing Services:  PPC   SEO   Social Media Management   Social Media Advertising   Video Production & Video Ads   and more!

Contact us today to learn more about our Digital Team, and how we can put together a comprehensive plan to help your dealership sell more cars. Give us a call at 888-248-2134 or email us at