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Lifted Trucks Pros and Cons

Whether you played with Hot Wheels cars or went to monster truck shows as a kid or not, most men can agree that it doesn’t get much cooler than a lifted truck with some monster tires under it.

For the off-roading community, lifted trucks have been popular since the 1970’s when enthusiasts began modifying their trucks to support mudding and trail-riding.

Now, the trend has spread to the general population of truck owners simply because many enjoy driving a truck that sits higher, has larger high performance tires and better towing ability.

While no one can argue the straight badassery of a lifted truck, there are some pros and cons.


* Bigger Better Tires: Trucks with stock suspension have to use shorter narrow tires. Lifted trucks can use larger tires with more aggressive grooves making it easier to gain traction and less likely to get stuck in the mud or snow.

* Towing Capability: While you can tow with stock suspension, heavier loads can make a truck bottom out. This doesn’t happen on a lifted truck.

* Sexiness: Lifted trucks just look better. No doubt about it.


* Higher Chance of Rollover: A higher truck means a lower center of gravity which can affect handling in sharp turns and potentially increase the possibility of rollover.

* Lower Gas Mileage: Having bigger tires translates to the need for more power to spin your wheels resulting in a minimal loss of gas mileage.

* Warranty: In some cases modifying the suspension can affect your truck’s warranty. Check with the dealer before making any alterations to your truck’s suspension.

When you decide on a lifted truck, you’ll have multiple options to consider from these current truck lifting trends across the auto industry:

Signature lift kits range from 2″ to 6″ and can incorporate lots of features such as

* 18-22” wheels

* 32-37” tires

* E-coated front strut tower extension

* Nitrogen-charged rear shocks

* Compression struts

* Stainless steel exhaust tips

The possibilities are about as vast as your imagination and mainly limited only by creativity.

Digital Marketing for Car Dealerships

For the first time ever, automotive dealerships spent more collectively on digital marketing than all other forms of marketing combined! (Source) According to NADA studies, dealerships on average spent 55% of their marketing budget on internet based digital marketing & advertising.

Here’s a quick breakdown of stats in 2017:

  • Digital Marketing = 55%
  • TV commercials = 15%
  • Radio Commercials = 10%
  • Direct Mail = 7%
  • Newspapers = 6%
  • Other = 6%

What does this mean for your car dealership’s marketing efforts?

Simple. You should be spending more on digital marketing and less on traditional marketing.

Traditional marketing is far from dead, and still plays a vital role in today’s marketing efforts, but digital offers more bang for your marketing buck. Digital Marketing also affords marketers the ability to better track results. Clicks from a Google AdWords campaign or a Facebook ad set can be tracked back to your website or landing page. We know what happens to those visitors. Did they call you? Fill out a form? Spend some time on a VDP? Make an appointment for a test drive or for service? Knowing exactly what happens to the traffic you’re generating digitally means better decisions about where to spend money, and where not to.

Automotive Digital Marketing Agency

Where should car dealerships spend money on digital marketing?

There are many effective platforms your dealership should be taking advantage of if you want to sell more cars. Today’s consumer absolutely does their research online before ever contacting a dealership, and if your dealership doesn’t show up & shine, chances are they’ve already moved on to your competitors. Here’s a list of places you should be Showing Up & Shining!

  • Auto Dealership Website – Your website will usually serve as a first impression, the introduction of your dealership to a potential car buyer. Your website needs to rank well in search engines using proper and best practices for SEO. It should be ridiculously easy to use, and simple to find the exact car your visitor is searching for. With a massive shift to mobile, your website had better offer a flawless mobile experience. If any of the above is not true, you need a new website. Plain & simple. Green Arrow Automotive is well versed in all the top dealership website platforms, and will be happy to guide you to making the best choice for your dealership. Call us today at 1-855-203-6316
  • Automotive Pay-Per-Click Ads – Showing up in search engines organically can take time. Your Automotive SEO team’s work to improve your rankings takes time to get indexed properly, and Google’s algorithm takes time to adjust your rankings. Automotive PPC ads on platforms like Google AdWords, Facebook & Bing Ads can drive high quality traffic to your site in a matter of hours. There are many advantages to PPC ads, such as micro-targeting your audience based on what they are searching for. The concept is simple: Someone searches for something specific, this triggers your ad based on what you’re targeting, and you show up at the exact moment someone is searching for exactly what you offer. The best part? You only pay if they click on it. For Facebook ads, you can target people that are auto-intenders. By showing your ad only to people most likely to buy a car or book a service appointment, you can spend your money in a much more effective and smarter way.
  • Automotive Social Media – 70% of buyers expect a business to have a well-maintained social media presence. That statistic alone is reason enough to make sure your social media outlets are up to date and shining a positive spotlight on your dealership. Anything less is a detriment and probably hurting sales. Almost 20% of consumers actually use social media to research information about a business. If you’re social media outlets don’t shine, the investment into an automotive social media company to professional maintain them is well worth it. It can definitely help you sell cars. Almost 70% of adults use Facebook, and of those users, almost 75 use it at least once per day! Automotive social media advertising can help you target buyers with intent. Show your ads to people actively shopping for a car! If you want to sell more cars, be where your buyers are, and shine! Let our Automotive Social Media team help improve your presence & visibility, and our Automotive Social Media Advertising team can help aggressively target your buyers with highly effective ads.
  • Email MarketingAutomotive Email Marketing is still one of the most direct and effective ways of aggressively reaching buyers in your market. Effective email marketing relies heavily on using good data, or customer email addresses. These typically come from your dealership’s CRM or from a 3rd party vendor, especially for conquest emails. Having a successful email campaign also relies on a number of other factors, including an intriguing subject like that will encourage a high open rate, a worthwhile offer that’s clearly stated, including how to redeem it and a nice professional presentation with crisp, high quality graphics and CTA’s (Call-To-Actions). Our Automotive Email Marketing team can create and deploy your dealerships email blasts to the best possible audience. A great way to close out your month with some quick sales!
  • Automotive SEO – Studies show that today more than ever before, car buyers turn to the internet at different stages of the sales funnel to research make & models, as well as price shop options and dealerships. Our Automotive SEO team here at Green Arrow Automotive can help make sure your dealership dominates search engines for very specific keywords that are most likely to pluck buyers right off the internet and into your showroom. With over 71% of a car shoppers interactions taking place on a mobile device, ranking well in search engines for mobile searches will position your dealership to connect with a much larger group of car buyers. Ranking well in your market directly equates to higher quality traffic and more high quality inbound leads. What dealership can’t use more leads?
  • Automotive Video Ads – YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine, hosting over 3 billion searches each month. Studies show that over 50% of internet users research a product using video before visiting a store. Integrating short, succinct videos into your marketing arsenal can pay dividends. At Green Arrow Automotive, we can produce your videos, whether it’s a full TV commercial or a pre-roll video destined to play before a users selected content. Our team is experienced in video production and can help you put together effective video marketing that fits your budget and helps you surpass your goals!

The trend towards Automotive Digital Marketing will probably intensify in the coming years. It’s imperative that your dealership’s marketing is not only up to speed, but that it dominates your competition. Dealerships are aggressively battling for the same customers & car buyers you are, and if you’re not doing a good job reaching them, you run the risk of letting your competitors win that battle.

The team of marketing experts at Green Arrow Automotive can help you put together a full & comprehensive marketing plan designed to help your dealership gain new customer relationships, grow your dealership and crush your numbers.

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