97% of adults login into Social Media each month!

Social Media Management

Car Buyers Use Social Media Every Day!

Be where your buyers are! 97% of adults login to a Social Media platform each month. If you’re not visible socially, you’re missing out and the dealership down the street is probably capitalizing on your absence. An active social media presence boosts consumer confidence and proudly displays the activity at your dealership. But who has time to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Google Plus and all the other platforms, each day? The answer is simple: We do.

Our Automotive Social Media team is dedicated to highlighting your dealership favorably using social media as a broadcast platform. And because your users are using social media already, it’s much less intrusive than a pop-up ad while you’re trying to read an article. People use social media as a diversion from every day life, and if your dealership’s social media is handled properly, you can quickly gain access to your target audience without them even knowing it!

Our Social Media team can manage all your social media outlets for you. We can create the posts and deploy them across all channels, so that your social presence is consistent, cohesive and on-brand. We can post OEM articles and videos to get your audience excited about your models and dealership.

Get Social!

Let Green Arrow Automotive handle it!

Properly managed Social Media outlets can breathe life into your dealership. When a car buyer is deciding which dealership to check out, having a stale social media presence can kill your chances of ever connecting with that buyer, even before you realize you’ve lost them. By showcasing whats happening with your dealership, you give buyers a sense that other people are buying cars from you, and that boosts buyer confidence in your store. And when buyers feel comfortable with the activity at your store, they’re more likely to buy from you.

With our Social Media Management, all of your social outlets are completely managed for you. We make regular posts on all of your social media platforms, so that you can showcase your dealerships activity and get buyers excited about taking their buying experience to you. Everything from car buyers with keys in their hands and big smiles to office birthday’s. Getting your content social helps buyers decided where they will feel comfortable.

Call us today to learn more about our Social Media Management services for your dealership or automotive group, at 888-248-2134 or email us at info@greenarrowmm.com