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Automotive PPC

Connect with Buyers When They Search!

Automotive PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is one of the most effective forms of marketing available. It allows your dealership to show up instantly for buyers at the exact moment they are actively searching for the vehicles you are selling, showcasing your inventory to match what they are searching. Google AdWords (now officially Google Ads) and Bing Ads are two search engine giants that allow you this capability.

The PPC ad platforms are extremely complicated, and it’s very easy to waste money, quickly. There are so many variables, controls and capabilities, it takes a trained professional to run PPC optimally and to produce an ROI. The team here are Green Arrow Automotive excels at creating & managing devastating PPC campaigns.

Effective PPC campaigns start with research. We have tools & software that remove the guesswork. We can pinpoint opportunities and exploit them. The goal of our PPC advertising is simple: To help you sell more cars. We’re able to determine which ads to use, what ad copy generates the response we want, and send them to landing pages that convert clickers into buyers with lethal accuracy.

We target a variety of keywords, to make sure we’re presenting your offers to car buyers at different stages of the sales funnel. We shift budget to keywords and ad groups that are producing and continually away from those that aren’t. We update the ads to reflect your specials, incentives and sales events. We create dynamic ads to accurately reflect your actual inventory, plucking people from search and dropping them directly into your dealership. The goal is to sell more cars, and PPC is one of the fastest ways to do just that.

Incredibly Effective PPC Campaigns

Stop Wasting Money, Start Closing Leads

The beauty of a well built Pay-Per-Click campaign, is that you’re only paying when someone searches for what you offer, sees your ad, and clicks it to visit your website. It’s one of the most effective methods of driving super high quality traffic to your site, in an effort to sell more cars. By connecting with people searching for a car, at the exact moment they are searching, with the exact car they are searching for, you increase your chances of chances of selling that car exponentially.

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