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Automotive Media Buying

Stretch Your Budget with Our Media Buys

Any marketing study done in the last 100 years is clear about one thing. You must be in front of your buyers multiple times to increase the chances of a sale. And in today’s world, you’re already competing for the attention of buyers with everything from cell phones to binge watching TV shows on demand. So, how do you get your vehicles & specials in front of car shoppers?

Media Buying is the process of obtaining the digital, audio or visual real estate you need to get your dealership noticed. In order to air radio or TV commercials, Pandora ads, print ads in magazines or newspapers, billboards or other advertising, you need to buy that media space in order to broadcast your message.

Our Automotive Media buying allows you to take advantage of our collective media buying power. Because we are a full-service advertising agency, Green Arrow Automotive is able to buy that media on your behalf through established relationships we’ve built in the industry.

Our Media Buying team is able to purchase prime spots, and negotiate for increased exposure for your dealership. By leveraging our collective buying power, we’re able to extend your budget, buy better opportunities and ensure that you’re marketing dollars are getting you in the spotlight.

Turbocharge Your Media Buys

with Green Arrow Automotive

There’s a reason you see so many car commercials on TV and hear so many dealerships promoting their latest sale on the radio: It works.  Gaining important saturation in your market is an important component of a healthy & successful market campaign. And when getting your name out there, media buying is the gatekeeper to those outlets.

Our Media Buying team has already established great working relationships with media outlets. They give us extra spots, call us when they have openings and opportunities not everyone is privy to, and help us bring the most firepower to our clients. We can handle all of your traditional marketing efforts, from conception to production and to your audience.

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