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Automotive Co-Op

Who Doesn't Love Free Money?

Navigating Co-Op is a challenge many dealerships face. Understanding brand guidelines & all the rules for submitting and ultimately receiving co-op money can be a daunting task. And not understanding co-op can wind up costing you money in unnecessary creative revisions and lost time.

Co-Op is designed to help you present a brand approved message to your audience, with a reward of shared cost. But if jumping through those hoops are robbing your employees of time, the benefits can easily be lost. Our team has many years of experience and can easily handle all your co-op needs so you never have to worry about it.

If you’ve ever thumbed through a brand guideline from an OEM, you know just how complicated and specific they can be. Everything from logo presentation, margins and approved fonts can be a factor into whether or not you’ll be eligible to receive co-op funding. The type of campaign, using approved vendors, details of the offer and presentation language  are all factors that must be considered.

Knowing what’s co-opable and what’s not can also save you time. Avoid submitting something and waiting for approval, only to find out the item you submitted isn’t eligible for co-op. Everyone knows in the car business: Time is money. Being organized and efficient are keys to success when it comes to co-op, and are experts at both.

Co-Op Made Simple

by Green Arrow Automotive

Stop wrestling with Co-Op, let us handle it so you can focus on selling cars. Running a successful dealership is tough enough on it’s own, don’t complicate it with co-op.

Our team can fully manage your co-op, maximizing your marketing efforts and extending your available budget by tapping into available OEM money.

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