Michael Piccoli
  • Proud Italian
  • Lover Not A Fighter
  • Superhero Nerd Extraordinaire
  • Coffee Addict
  • CEO To The Best Company Ever
Kris Mortensen
Business Development
  • Animal Lover
  • Hawaiian Shirt Guru
  • Perpetually Attracted to Blue Water
  • Accidental Founder of the Wahoo
    Preservation Society
Elisa Dominguez
Automotive / Digital
  • South Florida Latina
  • Pizza aficionado
  • Will cry every time watching The Notebook
  • Ambidextrous
  • Family time is the best time
Micah Blehm
  • Kansas born Asian-American
  • Lover of exotic cars, dogs, and carbs
  • Digital Marketer by day
  • Professional singer/dancer by night
    (when home alone and no one is around)
Kristen Batdorf
Social Media & Reputation Management
  • Cat lover
  • Coffee addict
  • Millennial
  • The perfect social media guru
Brittany Forbes
  • New York native but wears black & yellow on Sundays
  • Always traveling by car, plane, boat or train
  • Marketing scholar & apprentice
  • Amazon Prime mom of one
  • Graphical Wizard

Carly Echerri

  • Dog mom to the best labrador
  • Oreo lover (yes, I’ve had them all)
  • My dad’s favorite chef and least favorite baker
  • Proud Whovian
  • Digital marketing junkie

Katie Murphy
  • New Yorker with Midwestern influence, Mets and Cubs Fan
  • Indiana Hoosier
  • SEO obsessed, & loves everything Google
  • Diet Coke Addict
  • Taylor Swifts #1 Fan

Nicole Ortegon

  • The coolest wife
  • Chocolate obsessor
  • Movie lover
  • Doodler
  • Professional singer in the shower
Danielle Reidy
Project Coordinator
  • People lover
  • Mom of 1 beautiful daughter + 4 4-legged babies
  • Has the best husband
  • Can figure out how to do almost anything (with direction)

Stephanie Bhim
  • Yorkie mommy before anything else!
  • Akira Dance Group’s Co-Founder and Teacher
  • Make-Up Addict (Did someone say Sephora?)
  • Hindi – Film obsessed
  • Florida born and raised, but my heart is in Atlanta

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